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Ahtanum Chapel Policies & Requirements

Must be adhered to for Venue use and Deposit Returns 


A Banquet Permit is required if alcohol is to be served/consumed at the event. (Please see under Links tab) 

Event Insurance

Event Insurance is required for weddings and/or entire venue rental at Renters expense. You may want to check with your Homeowner policy company or  (see Links tab for suggested providers) 


There is a county noise ordinance, and we require all Renters to adhere to keeping volume to acceptable level.  Music must be turned off at 9:00pm No Exceptions.


Events must be held within the hours stated in agreement. Including set up and clean up.

Organic Confetti and Petals only

Confetti and/or Petals must be dissolving and only used outdoors.

No Glitter

No glitter allowed for decorating or activities.

Attaching to Walls

No nails, pins, tacky to attach decorations.  3m Command stips and painters tape only.

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